In addition we can help you to design and furnish your Apartments.

Interior Design invite people, who are interested in complex, interior arrangement, to cooperate. It is a possibility to prepare a complex, interior arrangement or organize complex arrangements of your apartment.
Our architects, thanks to their long-term experience, offer services on the highest level. Every order is treated individually. Before the beginning architects will analyze profoundly predilections and requirements.
When we design and realize sophisticated interiors we take care of keeping proportions, harmony and details in creating a space.

Complex Project

Our architects analyze predilections, requirements concerning the project and realization of investment. We prepare some existing documents - photo, plans. During the next meeting we present our vision based on information found in catalogues and interior magazines. If the Client is satisfied we can start the partnership.
Than we make drafts, visit stores to acquire concrete elements of furnishing. Designer helps to find a deliverers of selected materials.

The complex project contains projections, sectional views, view of:

  • partition walls and plaster- cardboard elements
  • ceilings
  • plumbing and CO
  • wiring systems
  • floors
  • executive drawings of bathrooms
  • executive drawings of kitchens
  • details of the unique solutions
  • designs of carpenter`s furniture
  • computer visualizations
  • tables with materials: free-standing furniture, furniture in development, technical, farm installations, lighting, sockets, floors, facing, siding, bathroom ceramics, heater, inside door, feedings, covers of windows and other. Tables contain the name of material, producer, price, number of materials, given in square meters.

Conceptual Design

This option refers to those who has an own concept of project and project design. Everybody can use this option without making a complex design. Our specialists will give some advices related to walls planning, and complex arrangements of Apartments, like floors, colouring, lighting, furniture and decorations.

Completion Works

The last part of our partnership are completion works, which we organize in operating range. We will also supervise it. We will lay floors, furnish bathroom, built over and furnish a kitchen. In addition we can paint, set sofa and take care of an ornamental elements to let you to come to fully-equipped Apartment.